The internet went crazy this weekend over a gay porn meme – but strangely enough, it wasn’t over the two men having sex – it was because of one sassy woman, shocked at seeing her “husband” fucking “right in front of my salad.”

The actress, Nikki V. explains how the entire thing was ad-libbed by her – and shares the good news of planning to appear in the sequel.

Right in front of my salad Nikki

Nikki V., a model and actress from Los Angeles, became an instant meme star, after her short appearance on’s porn scene (NSFW Link!) became a viral hit.

In the scene, taken from Men’s “Private Lessons 3”, Nikki’s “husband” is having sex with another man in the kitchen. Nikki, coming home after a hard day just to eat her salad, is shocked to see her husband naked – and fucking another man.

And all that – right in front of her salad! Here’s the scene in all its glory (NSFW, obviously!)

Twitter was quickly filled with memes, homages and jokes related to this new “Right in front of my salad” meme.

Speaking with gay porn blog Str8UpGayPorn (NSFW Link!), Nicky says there were no auditions – she got the part thanks to a Craigslist ad, and filming took all of ten minutes.

“Honestly, my first thought was ‘this is going to be so cool.’ And, then it became hilarious. I had a very hard time trying not to laugh too much. I was seriously into my character.”

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According to Nikki, even though there was a script, her lines weren’t in it, as she was only an extra – so she had to add her own lines.

“It was something that I just said, and it all just flew out of my mouth… I was supposed to scream and just storm out, but it was all in the moment, and that’s why I think people feel the rawness of it. They know it’s real.”

After becoming an overnight internet star, Nikki seems to be quite pleased with her newfound fame.

“Everyone is calling me an icon and a salad queen”, Nikki wrote on her Instagram page. “I am so thankful I’ve been laughing at some of the things people have been sending me. can’t wait see what my next scene is going to look like….. ”

So, are we going to see her again? Good news – Yes! According to, they have “reached out to the break-out gif star for another appearance, and she has agreed to return for another scene in the very near future.”