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Most people, at least that’s how the stereotype goes, want to be BIGGER down there. But, as it turns out, sometimes a big penis spells trouble – especially when you’re in school, and you’re drawing attention with it.

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Student in locker room
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That’s what happened to this guy on Reddit, whose life took a very uncomfortable turn, after his classmates saw the size of his bulge during sports day.

“On a school sports day a while ago”, he writes, “I ended up wearing a pair of grey sweatpants. They were baggy, and so were my boxers. As a result, I had a bulge.”

And that’s when the troubles started – bordering on sexual assault, and definitely bullying:

“I’m a little over four inches flaccid, and on top of that I live in a country with a pretty low average size. But I didn’t think it was a big deal. I figured that it was only showing off a little bit, and maybe a couple of girls would notice.

It was a massive mistake.

Immediately upon showing up, a bunch of the lads there pointed it out. They then proceeded to make jokes about it. They asked about it. Inquired repeatedly. Demanded to see it.

I spent the entire day being berated for it. Constant jokes about or references to my dick. Some guy took a picture of it. A girl took a picture of it on the school camera on behest of the rest of the lads in my year.

I get it. I should be flattered. That’s what they kept telling me. They chastised me for complaining about it. It was totally weird, but you know what, a day isn’t so bad.
It’s been over a month. It hasn’t stopped. It just got worse.

Constant jokes about it. Constant references to it. Some of them got over it, and only occasionally call back to it but others do not stop. They openly stare at my crotch in front of me.

They took it further, too. They all crowded around me at the urinal to get a look. I don’t go to the bathroom when they’re around any more because they just kept doing it. They jocked me in the changing room so they could see it.

They repeatedly ask. Some try to touch it. I just keep getting angrier and angrier. I feel violated. It’s fucking wrong. They’re all supposedly straight, too.

I know it feels like whining about something I shouldn’t, but they invade my personal space. They violate social codes. It all feels wrong.

I can defend myself. I’m bigger than any of them. But there are a lot of guys involved to the point where by resisting I have to actively go against the norm.

It’s almost status quo.  The year is coming to an end soon, and I won’t be talking to many of them again, but this past month or so has been one of the most uncomfortable periods of my life.

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