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Pietro Boselli, forever known as “The World’s Hottest Math Teacher”, has always had an incredible body – but it’s getting ridiculous. Ridiculously hot, that is.

In a new set of gorgeous photos from Switzerland, Pietro’s been showing off his body (again) – and the latest photo, of him in the water, is more than you’ve ever seen of him.

Pietro Boselli lake thun
Photo: Instagram

The 28-year-old Pietro Boselli is touring Switzerland these days, and we get to enjoy the views. Pun intended.

In his most recent photo, captioned “Liquid Cooled”, Pietro is standing inside the Alpine “Lake Thun” in Switzerland, with his body all wet, and his six-pack (or is that eight?) is… well… just look:

Some more from Switzerland:

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And of course, Pietro’s been touring all over, including his home-country – Italy:

And then there’s… that: