By now, you surely know Pietro Boselli, aka The World’s Hottest Math Teacher. With every posted photo of him, our lives get a little brighter. And this time, it’s not just his impressive¬†body on view – but his, well, impressive bulge.

Pietro Boselli and his brother
Photo: Instagram

The 28-year-old Italian model is celebrating his birthday TODAY. His brother apparently came to town, possibly to help him celebrate – and the two posed for a fun photo, both shirtless, as is customary for a Boselli photo.

Pietro, however, who has a PhD in Engineering (just thought I’d mention that), also has skin-tight pants, that leave VERY LITTLE to the imagination.

But don’t dwell on the word “little” too much, as it seems there’s nothing little here.

Here, judge for yourselves:

And as long as we’re celebrating Pietro’s birthday, we might as well enjoy some more photos, such as this one:

Or that one:

Happy Birthday!