Sean Alexander is a New York based model and personal trainer with a body and a face made to impress.

Gladly, there’s no need to travel to New York to see his incredible physique – just join his 19,000 followers on Instagram! To help you make up your mind, here are some of his most enticingย photos to date…

1. Dream Big

2. I’m just standing there

3. Getting ready

4. The mandatory bathroom selfie

5. With his pal, the equally hot Nick Sandell

6. Smoking is bad for you. But he still looks hot

7. Smiling is good for you

8. Sometimes you don’t need colors

9. Food for thought

10. What’s down there?

11. Pretty Face

12. With another hot pal –ย Michael Dean

13. Nature time

14. Good Morning

15. Woke up like this

16. Good Night