Male models are always gorgeous. And personal trainers always have an amazing body. But what happens when you combine the two? Well, you get Sam Wright – a model AND a personal trainer, who’s both handsome AND has a body you just want to stare at all day (at the very least).

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Born in Australia, 20-year-old Sam is based in London these days, and he has a big Instagram following of more than 170,000 fans. Once you see these photos – you’ll understand why.

1. See what we mean about that body?

2. Anyone up for a dip?

3. Those arms take a lot of work

4. Then it’s time to rest…

5. Look at his throbbing veins…

6. Pre-shower time

7. Looks just as nice with a shirt on

8. But yeah, even better with the shirt off

9. Any takers?

10. Sunbath?

11. Are you following him yet?

12. With his buddy Max Aldous

13. We’ll keep watching


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