Quarantine Special

If you’re not a fan of Noah Centineo yet – that’s on you. But don’t worry, we’re here to fix that, as we take a look at some of his hottest/sexiest/shirtlessest (is that a word?) photos.

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Noah Centineo calvin klein
Photo: Calvin Klein

Noah Centineo is a 23-year-old actor and model, who – like so many other hot men of this decade – started as a Disney channel star. Then, he starred in The Fosters and soon started working as a model as well – and for good reason.

So without further ado, let’s take a closer look at his… work.

1. Laughing while shirtless is good for you

2. Case in point again

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I’m about to hit a some throwbacks – 2016

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3. Can’t do this list without THOSE Calvin Klein ads…

4. And another one for good measure

5. See, he’s also smart

6. Now he’s all wet

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7. Taking care of himself

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8. Now he’s laughing again

9. Also looks good in black and white

10. And he also looks good… in that

11. We’ll keep following…

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