What do we need from a male model? An impressive body, a sexy six-pack, and a wonderful smile. Well, guess what – Lance Carter has it all – and more.

L.A. based model Lance Carter, who already has close to 5,000 followers on Instagram, is definitely on his way up – and once you see these photos, you’ll understand why

1. A Man and his Calvins

I get so O.O.C. πŸ“Έ@adamjwash

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2. A man and his six-pack

Saturdaze… πŸ“Έ@gmvaughan

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3. Bedtime

4. That smile…

5. The inevitable gym selfie

6. Hey there…

I'm no fairy tale but he's worth it.

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7. After three months without meat

8. Fun times

Fun times yesterday with πŸ“Έ @adam.j.wash

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9. That’s it, we’re speechless

10. Now we’re breathless

11. See you next time