For a while now, there’s been some discussion over the size of Pete Davidson’s penis. Why? mainly because the rumours say it’s big. Very big. Well, good news – his fiancé, popular singer Ariana Grande, just confirmed the rumours. (Sort of)

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Pete Davidson
Photo: Deposit Photos – Jean Nelson

Pete Davidson is a 24-year-old actor and comedian, who can be seen regularly on Saturday Night Live. After only several weeks of dating, he recently got engaged to American singer Ariana Grande.

And while the world we debating the size of Pete’s penis, Ariana herself chipped in. In a Twitter exchange (since deleted, but obviously screenshotted all over the interwebs), she was asked: “How long is Pete?”

So yes, the question was referring to a musical interlude called “Pete” on Ariana’s next album, but Ariana couldn’t resist the obvious, and answered:

“like 10 inches? ….oh fuck …i mean … like a lil over a minute”

Hmm… well, as expected, the reactions on Twitter were quick to follow.


And of course –

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