Oliver Stanley, the successful British singer and TV presenter known as Olly Murs, is no stranger to cheeky photos and tweets.

After declaring on TV that he might be a “naturist” (as in – someone who prefers to walk around naked), he followed through with a nude photo of himself, with only a pineapple standing in our way.

Olly Murs
Photo: Twitter

It all started on Twitter, when The Sun’s associate editor mocked Olly’s comments on a morning show, where he said “I don’t do it all the time. Maybe I’m a naturist, I don’t know. I just like getting my clothes off. I just like having a bit of fun.”.

Olly responded on Twitter, in front of his more than 7 million followers – with a nude photo of himself from what looks like a pool party, just barely covering his bits.


Want more? There was this a while back: