Judging by past photos, anything Nick Sandell wears can hardly fit it all in – which is, you see, why he has to unbutton his pants when he’s being photographed. And that’s as good a reason as any for us.

Nick Sandell in his underwear
Photo: Instagram

Nick Sandell is a Fitness Model and Actor from New Hampshire, who has a very good reason to often model underwear – just look at that body.

This time, however, he’s wearing pants – but when he shared the photo on Instagram, he had a very good explanation as to why they were unbuttoned – and it’s not what you think (then again, maybe it is…)

People will think my pants were unbuttoned to be sexy when in reality they were just too tight


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And there he is wearing another pair of super-tight pants on the same shoot with photographer Rick Day:


And OK, We HAD to have another one without the shirt: