Back in July, Joe Jonas was on Watch What Happens Live! with Andy Cohen, and was asked Which Joe-Bro is the most well endowed?” – and now, it’s time for his brother Nick Jonas to answer that same question.

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Nick Jonas and Joe Jonas
Photo: Deposit Photos – S_Bukley

This week, Nick played the “Plead the Fifth” game on Cohen’s show – for the second time in his life. Last time he was on, he was already asked the “size” question – and refused to answer.

When his brother Joe was on the show – he had a rather coy – but illuminating – answer:

“This is Nick’s words and not mine, but he said he was going to say me, so I’ll say me.”

So, when asked again, did Nick confirm Joe’s answer? Unfortunately – no. He decided to plead the fifth again. His face, though, when asked the question – tells an interesting story…

Nick Jonas on Plead the Fifth
Photo: YouTube

Watch the video, where Nick also talks about past relationships, right here:

h/t: NewNowNext