They’ve been together for three years, are going to get married – but the fiance wants to open the possibility of “exploring other options”. Will that ruin the relationship? One guy on Reddit is scared it might.

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“So my fiance of three years just suggested the possibility that we have an open relationship, and I am not really sure what to do”, he writes. “He is strictly monogamous, is a local police officer, and I have never caught him in a lie.

“I think the reason that he suggested it was to give me the option, not himself, and he says that he probably wouldn’t do anything with anyone else but that the option would be there for either of us.”

And the debating continues:

Basically either of us could go have protected sex, but that we would always come home to each other and never bring anyone home or have a threesome with each other. Also it is only for a period of time and would stop once we get married – we have a “sometime in the future” wedding date.

We have lived together for three years. He is the first real relationship I have ever had. I met him my first year in college when I was 18. I have only ever had sex with one other person before him which was a one nightstand, while he has had around 25 partners – that includes one time blow jobs, girls and other guys.

He has always been super against cheating because some of his past partners had cheated on him. I was really inexperienced when I met him – I didn’t even know how to kiss, but that is not really an issue anymore.

I think he like wants me to get “exploring other options” out of my system before we get married so that I definitely don’t cheat when we get married. I mean I see his point in it. I have not really had many partners – I find other guys sexual attractive but I just really don’t know. I have so many question about what could happen and I don’t want to ruin us.