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For most of us, nudity is always associated with sex. But for some people, casual nudity is something they crave – and are troubled when they can’t get it – which is the case with this guy on Reddit.

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“Hey bros, I just wanted to know how you all felt about casual nudity with your roommates or families”, he writes, and explains:

I’m in college and live in a suite with 5 other guys and none of them seem very comfortable with walking around nude or even in their boxers.

It’s kinda strange to me because I’m so used to walking around in my underwear at home and it’s annoying to have to get dressed right as I get out of bed.

It would be really cool to have a roommate who’s chill with nudity at the place in the future. But another problem is I don’t really know how to find that person or ask someone if they are.

The commenters tried to offer advice:

  • It’s a cultural thing. As I’ve seen having various roommates and staying in hostels, guys who come from cultures where casual nudity is more acceptable tend to wear less clothing in their room/house.What I’ve also noticed is that one guy has to “break the ice” before the others start doing it. For example, a guy might change his clothes during a conversation with roommates or wear underwear to walk to the bathroom or to grab a drink from the refrigerator.
  • My many roommates over the years and I never talked about this before, and we would still walk around in boxers/boxer-briefs on occasion. No one had a problem with it. Mainly it was right before bed or on the way to the shower. Sometimes you need to get up just to pee and then head back to bed.
  • I sleep nude. I hang out nude around the house. If you come to my place to see me, you’re gonna have to deal with a whole lotta me nude. That’s just the way it is.
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