Max Emerson, the 28-year old actor and underwear model, already has an equally hot boyfriend, Andrés Camilo. So why was he getting naked with another man? And a “fake” boyfriend, at that? Well…

Max Emerson and Max Domosai
Photo: Instagram

Surprisingly, the other hot man getting naked with Max Emerson, was also called Max – a model called Max Domosai. The two were shooting a valentine’s ad, with Emerson writing in the caption:

“It’s not cheating if they’re straight and have the same name as u. It’s just master bating”

While the two were naked, we sadly didn’t get to actually see that. But we believe Max, and it looked like that:

The two are definitely gorgeous together –

And Max (the straight Max) is also handsome on his own:

But don’t worry, Max (the not-straight one) is also hot with his REAL boyfriend:

So all is well…

h/t: Gay Times