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Nake photo accidents do happen, right? Especially to super-sexy models… Well, maybe. Especially when said models have equally-hot boyfriends to send those photo to, right? OK, OK, maybe not in this case. But it’s a new Max Emerson nude photo, so we’re not complaining at all.

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max emerson naked selfie
Photo: Instagram

Max Emerson is a 30-year-old model and occasional actor, who we often see without any clothes on, either alone or with his army boyfriend, Andrés CamiloReally, he gets naked a lot on Instagram.

So as an early Christmas present, Max posted a photo of himself sitting naked on the bed (but with his hand strategically placed, so don’t get TOO excited) –

“Sorry, meant to send this to @andrescamilo”, Max wrote in the captions, which immediately triggered all sorts of fantasies in our head.

Accident or not, let’s enjoy some more of their photos:

Naked again –

Towel day?

Yes, we’re crushing hard too – on both of them

Oh, and if you want to watch that facial video that Max mentions – it’s right here:

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