On the heels of winning the U.K.’s X-Factor finale last week, and amidst hopeful fans insisting on reading homoerotic signals, Matt Terry and fellow contestant Freddy Parker are moving in together, to a flat in London.

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Matt Terry and Freddy Parker from the X-Factor
Photos: Instagram

23-year-old Matt and 18-year-old Freddy (who two months ago performed at the famous G-A-Y nightclub in London) have been close friends throughout the season. During the finale, British fans were in a frenzy, due to what looked like the two kissing on stage after Matt’s win.

Matt quickly denied the romance, calling it a “Bromance” instead – “I don’t think we kissed but he would have been lucky if I did. Freddy is my little brother, we hit it off straight away. Since day one. We have such a Bromance going – no relationship I’m afraid guys.”

Now, they’re taking that bromance a step further, as The Sun reports, and after a quick search, they’re moving in together to a London flat.

“The boys get on so well”, a source told The Sun, “and were both planning on moving into London anyway so decided to move in together. Matt’s not shy about telling people. He’s moving in with his best mate so he doesn’t see it as a big deal.”

Matt was quick to announce the news on his Twitter account:

His fans were quick to respond:

Hey, we’re always happy to support fun, healthy Bromancing.