It might sound like the plot of a Stephen King book (Gerald’s Game, now a major motion picture from Netflix!), but in this case, it happened to a guy – who tied himself up, alone in the house, for sexual gratification – and then got… stuck.

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Young man in handcuffs
Illustrative Photo

This happened to this guy on Reddit, who, like many of us, enjoys the feeling of being tied up. However, when he’s alone, he has “to resort to self-bondage to experience such feelings.”

He just bought a new pair of handcuffs, and was in the mood to have some fun. And it was fun. Until things went terribly wrong…

“I locked myself in my dorm room, undressed completely, and tied my legs together tightly using cotton rope. I connected a loop of rope to my ankles that I would slip my handcuffs through and connect my wrists to my ankles.

I was ready to immobilize myself, so I tossed the keys to the cuffs across the room and ratcheted them tightly on my wrists.

I was then in a hogtie, which is when one’s hands are bound behind them to their ankles which are also bound together.

The feeling of helplessness was upon me and it felt fantastic. I wriggled in my bonds and felt content. That was about the peak of my enjoyment.

After half an hour, I had decided that I wanted to move freely again, so, I slowly and with the least amount of grace possible, turned myself over onto my back and clumsily crab-walked over to where I threw the keys (as to avoid sliding around on my throbbing phallic member).

While I was making my way over, however, my grip on the floor slipped, and my back landed on my wrists. My weight on the cuffs slid them up so they were on my forearms, but it also tightened them several clicks.

I gasped. Both my cuffs were suddenly incredibly tight, and my arms were bound in an even more awkward position. The sexual arousal disappeared almost instantly.

Being in pain, I began to move more desperately towards the keys on the floor. Every movement my hands made was agony…

Because the cuffs were higher up on my arms, I was unable to reach the keyhole with my hands, and any attempt to do so resulted in excruciating pain. I began to panic.

I reached back to my ankles and clawed at the knots securing my legs together; no use. I had tied them specifically so that I could not reach them while bound.

My mind switched to prison break mod and I remembered I had an exacto- knife in my art kit; which was buried deep in my backpack that was thankfully on the floor.

I slid over to my bag and rifled through it with my mouth, since I was basically unable to use my hands. I opened it and began rapidly picking the contents of the kit out with my mouth and spitting them to the side.

After the kit shutting on my head several times and filling my mouth with graphite shavings, I reached the knife and was able to cut my legs loose from my wrists.

I stood up with slight relief, but upon attempting to unlock my cuffs again, I knew it was impossible on my own. The feeling of relief quickly faded as I hopped over to my phone to use Siri to call one of my closest friends who I felt most comfortable around.

I told her the predicament I had gotten into over the phone and that I wasn’t wearing any clothes.

After she expressed her ideas of how pathetic I was and begrudgingly agreeing to help me, she hung up immediately. When she arrived at my dorm, I was sitting in a corner with my head bowed and my dick between my legs.

After giving me a towel and releasing me, I sheepishly tried to explain how I had gotten myself into this situation; to which she only replied with underwhelmed “m-hmms”.

She told me to be careful next time and not to use the handcuffs anymore and left my dorm in anger and disgust. I sat in absolute shame for about an hour on my bed. I have a feeling we will not be speaking for a little while.

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