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Depending on what you’re trying to show, wearing grey sweatpants to the gym might not be a good idea – or a very good idea. So when hottie actor Luke Evans took a selfie wearing exactly that, his fans were quick to notice a certain… bulge. And he noticed them.

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Luke Evans
Photo: Deposit Photos – PopularImages

Luke Evans, the 38-year-old actor you might remember most recently from the new Beauty and the Beast, and before that the Fast and Furious series, often shows the impressive results of his gym-work on Instagram.

In a selfie he posted yesterday right from the gym, his muscles were indeed impressive. But his 1.1 million Instagram fans were understandably focusing on a different area. Observe:

Of course, the countless comments ranged from “I want that pointy thing!” to “Dude you totally did that on purpose.”

Eventually, Luke noticed the trend, and told his fans they have a dirty mind:

You guys crack me up… seriously. Never met such a dirty minded bunch… 🙄

Here are some more of his Instagram photos then, to help with your dirty minds:


Some more gym work:

Please, keep ’em coming!