We all get insecure about our bodies, and we all have scars in our past – even if we don’t look the part.

Model and social media star Lucas Dell certainly fits the “hunk” bill, but in a new revealing post, he talks about the hard times he had as a young kid – and how things changed for him.

Lucas Dell
Photo: Instagram

Lucas Dell is a 22-year-old openly gay actor and model who currently has more than 325,000 followers on Instagram. Naturally, many of his followers are there for his good looks and thirst-photos, but it wasn’t always easy for him.

“My younger self”, Lucas wrote in an emotional Instagram post this week, “Who used to cry for being called ‘fat’ and ‘weird’ would be proud to see where I am right now.'”

And he continues:

“I remember getting jealous of people who had the “good genes” of never needing to try, and always wanting to be fit when I grew up (I still add to that ‘when I grow up’ list).

Overtime I learned that it’s about loving the journey and myself first, prioritizing health and love and happiness over the concept of just wanting to be attractive.

I still get apprehensive about my body and I still have insecurities, but it has a lot to do with my environment and never quite shaking the things that formed who I am today.”

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