KJ Apa was never too shy about his body, or doing nude scenes, or about doing weird things on Instagram. But when he shared a private video – meant for his “close friends” – with the whole world… that was a big OOPS.

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KJ Apa hot tub scene
Photo: The CW

It all started when the 23-year-old Riverdale hottie filmed a strange video of himself in a bubble-filled bath (we assume he’s naked underneath because, you know, it’s a bath).

In the clip, KJ pretends to be a boy who is doing a video audition for a part.

“Hi, I’m KJ”, he says, “I’m 14 years old, I’m 5’6″, and I love acting. Please consider me for this role, I’ve worked so hard for this my whole life”.

KJ then shared the weird video on Instagram, where he has more than 19 million follows. Shortly thereafter, however, he followed it with another temporary post, saying:

“That was for my close friends, But I guess it’s too late now. Enjoy it while u can”.

OOPS? But hey, this is the internet. So of course, the video is still out there:

We want more of those, KJ.