When it comes to Kit Harington, there’s no such thing as too much information – we want to know (and see!) everything (especially when he’s naked).

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Well, now we get another piece of the puzzle – and learn when (and why) exactly Harington… scratches his balls.

Kit Harington - Game of Thrones
Photo: HBO

Harington was a guest of the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, which lead to a question about superstitions. “I’m horribly superstitious”, Harington answered, “and really nonsensical ones”.

And the best one? This one:

I have to scratch my balls every time I see an ambulance. Apparently it’s good luck for the person inside, and I thought that was a nice thing. It’s an Italian tradition.

Fallon then explains to Harington that this is “NOT an Italian tradition. Someone lied to you.”

But then, Fallon pulls out a toy ambulance… watch here – you can guess what happens next:

h/t: Towleroad