Justin Bieber’s muscular body is full of tattoos (as we’ve happily seen many times). But you do know what those tattoo mean? Seems like there’s a reason for each and every one – and now Bieber’s doing a show and tell.

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Justin Bieber
Photo: GQ

Speaking on a video feature for his GQ cover shoot, we’ve learned a lot about Bieber’s body paintings:

  • He got his first tattoos, including the Jesus one when he was 17 – and hid them at first
  • He has his mom’s eye on his arm
  • And his mom’s birthday on his chest
  • There’s also a wise owl on his arm
  • There’s a Selena Gomez tattoo that he tried to cover up (and failed)
  • He doesn’t like lower back tattoos – on males or females. “I think David Beckham has one. That’s no good!”. Hmm… now you know what not to get

Watch the video right here:

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