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We love looking at Justin Bieber’s photos, for obvious reasons (mainly when he’s shirtless). Turns out, though, he doesn’t like having them taken – at least not by fans who meet him on the street.

Earlier today, Bieber posted an angry rant on his official Instagram account, announcing that he’s done taking pictures with his fans:

“If you happen to see me out somewhere know that I’m not gonna take a picture I’m done taking pictures.

It has gotten to the point that people won’t even say hi to me or recognize me as a human, I feel like a zoo animal, and I wanna be able to keep my sanity.

I realize people will be disappointed but I don’t owe anybody a picture And people who say ‘but I bought ur album’ know that you got my album and you got what you paid for AN ALBUM!. It doesn’t say in fine print whenever you see me you also get a photo.”

In a followup Instagram post, Bieber is already responding to the fan backlash, and specifically to a fan who called him “a prick” over this new decision:

If you think setting boundaries is being a douche I’m the biggest douche around but I think it’s smart and will be the only way I last. I wanna enjoy life and not be a slave to the world and their demands of what they think I need to do!!

Oh well. Hopefully, we will still be getting a lot of selfies and professionally photographed pics of (a shirtless?) Bieber – they just won’t be taken by his [now angry] fans.

Mr man Taron