We’ve had to wait more than two weeks into 2016 – and here we are, back with Justin Bieber’s white briefs. This time, though, we’re getting some extra oomph – Bieber’s in bed. And he’s doing… well… something.

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Obviously this is not the first time we’ve seen Justin Bieber’s briefs. They were even wet at some point (actually more than once). But who are we to say “no more” to photos of the 21-year-old muscled, tattooed Bieber in bed?

And for some reason or another, he’s touching himself, and saying “Sweet Dreams” to all of us. The question is – can we really sleep after seeing this picture?

And that’s not all – we were in for another Instagram surprise yesterday. It seems that some of Bieber’s hair has turned… purple, for some reason. Here, check it out for yourself:

What else will Justin give us in 2016? We’re guessing his briefs will be involved. And we’re not complaining.