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Game of Thrones has no shortage of handsome men, and one of them is Iwan Rheon, who plays the evil Ramsay Bolton. There is, however, a shortage of male nudity on GoT – one that he’s willing to help fix.

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Ramsay Snow - Iwan Rheon
Photo: HBO

While women are shown naked left and right on Game of Thrones, male nudity is quite scarce. And no, the penis “with warts” on episode 5 of season 6 doesn’t count.

Happily, we did get to see Iwan’s backside and impressive abs, but we want more – and he’s willing to give, as he admitted in a recent interview with the UK’s Independent. When asked if he would be willing to go full frontal, Iwan said:

“If it was right for the scene then yeah, I would. I mean Emilia coming out of the fire, she’s got to be naked because otherwise why is she wearing asbestos clothes?

But then whether it’s distracting to have a willy waggling round in a scene and whether it’s going to make everyone go… I’m walking into a minefield really, aren’t I?”

Yes, it would be distracting. But for all the right reasons!

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