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The world is definitely a happier place with Shawn Mendes in it, and Shawn Mendes’ abs in particular. But did he come to us from the past? The future? Are their TWO Shawns in this world?

A photo he posted to Snapchat earlier this week might suggest that – but the actual story is a bit different.

Shawn Mendes and his Grandfather
Photos: Snapchat / Deposit Photos – S_Bukley

The 18-year-old Canadian singer, who’s doing really well with his recently released album these days, took to Snapchat to post a photo of his… grandfather, at 17.

That’s just one year younger than Shawn’s current age – and the resemblance between the two is amazing. (Or maybe not so much, since they’re related…)

Either that – or that IS a photo of “our” Shawn, before he jumped through time.

Either way, we’re happy he’s with us a time when people can post pictures in color to Instagram. That way, we get pictures like this one –

Mr man Taron