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Earlier this year, popular singer Shawn Mendes took to Snapchat to very publicly declare he’s not gay. Now, he’s trying to explain that statement which might have raised some eyebrows – “It was about me being frustrated about the immaturity of my generation”.

Shawn Mendes
Photo: YouTube

The 18-year-old is celebrating the release of his very successful album, “Illuminate” these days. A couple of weeks ago he spoke with ET Canada about a variety of topics, and among them – the clarification of those “I’m not gay” videos, that came after some of the commenters on his videos used the gay “accusations” as a bad thing:

I think in this day and age, immaturity and ignorance are so high… and it couldn’t be more easy to understand how it’s not a bad thing.

It’s made so aware and it’s so positive nowadays, so when it became a negative thing, it was less about my feelings being hurt and more about me being frustrated with the immaturity of my generation.

And that’s what I wanted to get across – it was not about making a big stink out of things, it was about subtlety – I’ve put up a couple of videos that would delete in 24 hours, I just wanted to make a point and move on with the day, and that’s what happened and it came across well.

Watch the video right here:

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