Mark Edward Fischbach,¬†also known as “Markiplier”, is a famous gamer and YouTuber. After a picture he posted yesterday you can add another major credential to his list. A big one.

Markiplier and Tyler
Photo: Instagram

Markiplier is a 27-year-old YouTuber with over 15 million followers. Most of his videos are gaming-related, many of the “let’s play” variety.

He also has 4.4 million followers on his Instagram account – and those followers were in for a treat this weekend.

Markiplier posted a colourful photo with his pal Tyler, who seems to be “censoring” Marki’s nipples.

But the commenters were quick to notice something that was very prominent in the photo – Markiplier’s bulge.

…And there was much rejoicing. (Many of the commenters, unfortunately, are straight teenagers with homophobic comments – but we’re ignoring those).

Take a look:

Up close and personal:

Markiplier's bulge - closeup
Photo: Instagram
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And another, less obvious angle:

And if you want some more Рthere was the time he took an ice bath: