Here’s a new name for you: Boy Roeles (yes, his name is Boy…), and the internet crowds are going all thirsty on him for the past couple of days. And who is he? One of the men paid to guard… Justin Bieber.

Boy Roeles justin bieber security guard
Photo: Twitter

Last weekend, Justin Bieber performed at the PinkPop music festival in the Netherlands. While people in the crowd were busy staring at Bieber, who is pretty hot himself as we know, some have managed to spot his unbelievably hot stud-muffin of a security guard, 18-year-old Boy Roeles.

Posting his photos on Twitter, the internet quickly did its thing, and Boy became a viral star overnight.

Looking over his Instagram account – you can understand why.

There’s even a video of him from Bieber’s show

At some point, Boy noticed the stream of tens of thousands of followers who suddenly appeared at his Instagram doorstep. “Something weird happened”

Here’s another one

Now we just need a photo of Boy together with Bieber – and our lives would be complete.