A 20-year-old guy went to Reddit to pose a situation many of us are familiar with: he’s in love with his 32 years old university professor. The problem: he’s in the closet, and not even sure if the professor, who is originally from a different country, is gay.

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I'm in love with my professor
Photo: Deposit Photos – Sergey Nivens

“We first met at an academic conference last year”, he writes. “I joined his class and was really impressed by his style. I’ve never dated any guy and still in the closet. Though I had a crush on some guys, this is the first time I really want to chase after someone.”

And then he goes on, detailing this difficult situation:

The day he was flying back to his country, I took my courage in both hands to ask him to hang out. Fortunately, he accepted and we hung out before he left. I found out that we had so many things in common and he was much more open to me than to other students.

I also have the feeling that he is not str8, cuz when I looked into his eyes, I felt some sadness and weakness (I don’t know if I’m using the right word). More important, I think that I’m falling for him, for sure. We have kept in touch via Whatsapp for a week since then. I want to tell him that I feel for him. However, the point is I’m still in the closet and i’m not sure if he is gay or not.

He’s so nice to me, but probably it is just the minimum decency. We text message three times a day and I don’t think it’s just the minimum decency.

Should I tell him that I love him? Or keep checking if he’s gay or not? I don’t even have the courage to ask him, because I don’t want to be that impolite and lose him in the worst case.

In response, some of the commentators have come up with their own professor-crush stories:

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