In the right mood, men will go to extra lengths in order to satisfy themselves, sometimes in weird (and even risky) ways. A guy from Reddit thought it would be “interesting” to numb his hand before doing the deed. It ended badly.

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Man in bed

“I put a decent coating of 4% lidocaine cream on it and waited for a bit”, he writes. “Apparently I didn’t clean my hand off very well, because I started noticing a distinct ‘I feel like I’m wearing a condom’ sensation shortly after starting.

“Of course like a genius I decided to keep going. Managed to ejaculate while I could barely feel my dick, which was an interesting sensation.”

At this point, it started going from bad to worse:

That was two days ago. My dick is still numb. It’s gone from “can barely feel shit” to “permacondom,” which is an improvement I guess.

I’m starting to get concerned. I’d prefer to avoid doctors for obvious reasons, but if this doesn’t clear up soon I don’t think I’ll have a choice.

Please, don’t try this at home.


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