Who doesn’t like hot male models (except for our lesbian friends)? We know you do, and so do we. So where’s the best place to gawk at them? Instagram, of course. So go ahead and press that Follow button.

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1. Matthew Noszka – Started off as a construction worker, discovered on Instagram, has several major campaigns behind him, and amazing abs in (the) front of him.



2. Jon Kortajarena – See this Spanish model having fun with friends, goofing around, and most importantly – being shirtless



3. Francisco Lachowski – Hotness from Brazil, he was “Supermodel of the World” in 2008, and can still still our hearts.


4. Rob Evans – A model, a boxers, a former reality judge – we don’t really care about titles. We care about abs.



5. Edward Wilding – If only every model on Instagram trained this way…



6. Sean O’Pry – Originally discovered on MySpace (yes, he’s THAT old), he was at one point the most successful male model on Earth, according to Forbes.


7. Clark Bockelman – Clark’s the one in the middle. But you don’t really care who’s who, right?


8. Landon Falgoust – Sorry, I’m not a big fan of beards. Sometimes, however, exceptions can be made.


9. Garrett Neff – Do YOU look like that on your birthday? This Calvin Klein model sure does.


10. Andrea Denver – This beautiful thing from Italy isn’t only a hot body – he also offers interesting sayings. And photos of his hot body.



11. Alexandre Cunha – Originally from Brazil, he’s a very busy model, that’ll keep you very busy with his Instagram feed.


12. Ryan Frederick – A relatively fresh face from Ford Models – he’s the perfect combination of a twink with abs.



13. River Viiperi – It’s the new law of the land – EVERY Instagram collection MUST include River Viiperi. Why? Here’s why –


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