One of our favorite “challenges” that YouTube stars like to film is the “Touch My Body” one. One guy gets blindfolded, and then he has to touch the other guy’s various body parts – and guess which body part he just touched. It often gets pretty funny, and sometimes even… hot.

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1. Connor Franta and Thatcher Joe – Gay/Straight Touching Fever

2. Calum McSwiggan and Sebb Argo – “Do you want to come to my hotel room and touch my body?”

3. Nick Laws and Matthew Lush – “Squishy Squishy… That one’s easy!”

4. Jordan Doww and Gabriel Conte – Belly Button Racism

5. Aaron And The Dolan Twins – So that’s what it looks like when straight guys touch each other

6. Dion Yorkie and Branden Sholtzy – All Lubed Up


7. Bonus Video: Why settle for touching, when you can see Dion and Branden’s LICK My Body challenge!