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Let’s face it – when you follow a hunky celeb on Instagram, you don’t want to see photos of his yard or friends. You want to see him shirtless. These celebrities know why people follow them – and will make it worth your while.

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1. Steven R. McQueen

The hunky actor, known primarily for his role on The Vampire Diaries (which he left earlier this year), is never shy about displaying his well-built, shirtless body – and you can even monitor the state of his chest hair (shaved when he’s filming for TV, hairy in between sessions!)

Training and getting some boxing in with @edimujic

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2. Cameron Dallas

The young Mr. Dallas owes his fame to the internet – and on Instagram, he gives back with a healthy supply of modelling shots and shirtless images.


3. Grant Gustin

This one’s a bit of a stretch – “The Flash” only gives glimpses of his toned abs here and there. But he’s so beautiful, and such a friendly and charming guy, that we’re willing to take whatever he’s giving.



4. Ian Somerhalder

Another “Vampire Diaries” star, Ian is mega hot – and he knows it (I hope). Therefore, he’s not afraid to post beautiful – and sometimes shirtless – selfies.


5. Tom Daley

Ok, so Daley is an Olympic diver, which kind of calls for him to be shirtless all the time. That isn’t so, unfortunately – but he is sometimes, and then he shares it with us. (He’s also openly gay and engaged, so that’s always a plus in our book)


6. Tyson Beckford

The model / reality star does what models do – he lets us enjoy his shirtless body.



7. Justin Bieber

Yes, yes, we’ve all seen that naked Instagram pic. But Bieber has other body parts as well, and Instagram’s probably the place to see those as well. (We mean his chest!). Oh, and yes, there’s also that wet briefs shot.


8. Ansel Elgort

The cute actor / musician is not just adorable – he also has a body to match. And he shows it, a lot, for our enjoyment.



9. Russel Tovey

We’ve had our eye on him back when he was on the UK version of “Being Human”, and HBO’s “Looking” only made it better. Tovey is cute, openly gay, has a nice dog – and is not stingy with his shirtless selfies.


10. Zac Efron

The cute little Disney kid that turned into a hunky swan. For someone sporting that kind of body, his Instagram account is a bit of a disappointment – but it’s bearable.


11. James Franco

Sometimes handsome, sometimes weird, you won’t just get shirtless pictures of Franco – you’ll also often get to read his thoughts about [his] nipples.



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