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“Sabrina The Teenage Witch” was a big TV hit during the 90’s. And while the straight boys were all over Melissa Joan Hart, we were of course a lot more into Nate Richert, AKA Sabrina’s on-and-off love interest, Harvey Kinkle. But 20 (!) years after the show’s début, he looks… nothing like that boy from back then.

Nate Richert - from Sabrina The Teenage Witch

The show, in case you weren’t around, was about a high-school girl who finds out she’s… a witch. Nate, who played Harvey for several seasons (he left before the last one in 2003), was her hunky, twinkish boyfriend (at times). The actor later became a musician.

And while 20 years will change any man – some people just go for a totally different look… as is the case with Nate:

Oh well… some things in life just can’t stay the same.