So which is “better” (or – worse) – Grindr or Tinder? Is Grindr just for sex, while Tinder’s where straight boys look for love? YouTuber Jack Maynard decided to compare notes with his gay best friend Jamie. The results? There was a lot of straight blushing involved…

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Jack Maynard and Jamie

The two adorable guys exchange phones – and the fun begins, when Jack gets to read Jamie’s Grindr messages, and Jamie reads Jack’s Tinder messages. (After the expected clarification from Jack – “I don’t feel ashamed to admit that I have tinder. I don’t really use it…” Hmm…)

The exciting stuff Jack finds on Grindr? Messages like “Would you fancy a good BJ… Hi!” (great introduction), “I live in London but I love all over” (Romantic!), and one tense moment of “Oh my god… what is that?!” – and Jamie explains – “A bum!”. And the bottom line? “I’m seeing penises all over!”

But what’s on the Tinder side of things? Messages like “Can’t believe you matched me… my dream has officially come true”, “You’re so charming”, and then… “I’m 5’3 with massive tits”. OK….

So where do people have more fun? Watch the whole video and try to decide:



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