Every day 25-year-old actor and model Gregg Sulkin takes some clothes off, is a happy day. So last week, when Gregg honoured Labour Day by getting mostly naked – we were thrilled.

Gregg Sulkin actor and model
Photos: Instagram

The British actor, who’s going to star on Marvel’s TV series The Runaways this year, posted several hotter-than-hot photos, taken by Max Thompson, on Instagram.

The most revealing one was this pool-shot, where Gregg is wearing a VERY skimpy bathing suit, and he’s already all wet, so that’s a bonus feature.


Then there was this photo, where Gregg is just in a handsome (and shirtless) pose.


And then the third, when he’s in fact wearing pants, but some would say this is even better than wearing skimpy shorts (leaving something to the imagination, etc’) – where do you stand on that?