Gregg Sulkin, the 25-year-old actor and model, is a handsome man by all accounts – but when he was asked to choose between two other sexy men – Chris Hemsworth and Chris Pratt – he had a very thoughtful answer.

Gregg Sulkin shirtless by the pool
Photo: Instagram

Gregg Sulkin, who can be seen these days on Marvel’s TV series The Runaways, went on The Rundown from E! News, where he was asked a few quick questions.

Among them – “Favorite Chris?” – and this was his answer:

“Chris Hemsworth is TOO good looking. if I met him, I’d be like ‘Yo brother… this is unfair. You’re a beast, you’re tall, you’re good looking, you’ve got an accent… You’re a legend. But I think Chris Pratt!”

In The Runaways, Gregg gets to show his body a lot – so when he got the part, “I ran to the gym, and THEN I read the comics.”

And his routine for looking like that? “Lots of protein, and no carbs.”

Watch the full interview right here: