Eian Scully and David Laid are two super-hot models in and of their own right – but when the two stripped down to almost nothing and wrestled – for a new calendar AND for charity – things quickly jumped from 10 to… well… a million.

Eian Scully and David Laid wrestling calendar
Photo: Instagram / Bruce Weber

Eian Scully is a 28-year-old model and personal trainer from Canada, while David Laid is only 19-years-old, and already has 680,000 followers on Instagram.

The two came together for the new Limited Edition “VMan” calendar, photographed by the legendary Bruce Weber. They took off most of their clothes, and did… this:

Some of the proceeds from the new calendar will be used to save puppies. Which makes this photo (“December”) even better:

And if you’re wondering what Eian and David look like when they’re not battling each other – here’s Eian:

And here’s David: