Tom Daley made us all proud this weekend, winning the World Championships 10-metres platform diving title. His husband, Hollywood screenwriter Dustin Lance Black, now reveals the terrifying promise he made to Tom, in exchange for Tom winning the gold medal.

Tom Daley and Dustin Lance Black
Photo: Instagram

Speaking with Gordon Sparks on BBC Radio, Dustin Lance Black talked about a deal he made with Tom two days before the World Championships in Budapest.

“I went to visit Tom where the team is staying. I said to him – if you ever get gold on the world stage, THAT would get ME to jump off the 10 meter. And he put his hand out and turned it into a deal.

And I am so afraid of heights! I’m sweating thinking about it. I’ve gone up to the 5 meter, and I have perfected an original dive – “The Screaming 5 Meter”. If we get to do that in a London pool, I might blow those windows out.

But I’ve made a deal, got to be a man of my word. What needs to happen is that I should jump off hand in hand with Debbie Daley (Tom’s mother).”

Mr man Taron

Listen to a clip from the interview right here:

Tom and Lance are finally heading off for their honeymoon these days, which was postponed due to Tom’s rigorous training.

Tom himself also spoke on the radio, saying Lance’s promised dive will be happening soon – presumably after their well deserved time off: