Coming out to your parents as gay is never easy. Even if you know they’re accepting and tolerant, it’s always awkward. Young David from Iowa was finally ready to come out to his parents, while secretly filming a video of the whole thing.

The outcome? A lot of parents should take notes from these two.

Dave coming out to his parents
Photo: YouTube

David has a YouTube channel called “Wat Dave Does”. He starts the video by telling us how nervous he is – and it shows. After all, he’s about to come out – AND film his parents’ live reaction.

When Dave’s parents are sitting next to him, he just shoots it out. “I’m gay. That’s pretty much it.”

His parents don’t seem shocked, and immediately show him the support he needs: “OK. As long as you’re happy. You’re not complaining right?”

His mother, as mothers do, wants to know straight away if he has “a friend. Like a boyfriend I guess…”

Dave shares some details about his boyfriend, and shows his photo.

“This is a conversation for you two [Dave and his fater], but you still have to prevent diseases and use protection”, Dave’s mother says embarrassingly (but lovingly) – as mothers do.

And they keep saying the exact right words.


We understand that, we love you and nothing changes that. I don’t think we’re shocked. We didn’t know for sure…

As long as you’re happy, that’s all we care. Don’t lose the smile.

Watch the moving video right here:

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