Beards, mustaches, hipsters… they seem to be everywhere these days, but who knew Colton Haynes would join the trend? Well, if Superman (Henry Cavill) can have a mustache…

Colton Haynes - on Arrow
Photo: The CW

Colton Haynes, the 29-year-old openly gay actor, had some good news to share this week – he’s returning to his role as Roy Harper on The CW’s Arrow, and not just for a guest spot – he’s going back to being a series regular on next year’s Season 7.

But along with the good news, came a disturbing image this week (well, depending on your tastes in facial hair, of course) – Cowboy Colton. Or Mustach Colton. Or… well, call it what you will – this is what it looked like on Instagram:

Don’t worry though – we’re pretty sure Arrow’s Roy is not going to have a mustache.

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And if you need a reminder – or a comparison shot – of Colton without the facial hair, well –

And the bad-boy look: