Gregg Sulkin, the English actor and model, is celebrating his 25th birthday today – an excellent excuse to look back at what makes him so… sexy.

Gregg Sulkin actor and model
Photos: Instagram

Gregg, who you might have seen on the Disney Channel’s comedy series As the Bell Rings, or more recently on Pretty Little Liars, is going to have a big year, having been cast on Marvel’s Runaways series, being filmed for Hulu these days.

Gregg already has 3.5 million followers on Instagram – we can only guess what that number will look like next year.

For now, let’s enjoy his marvellous looks…

1. The serious look

2. Fun on the beach

3. Soaking

Mr man Taron

4. Why workout when you can dance?

5. Red solo cup!

6. True colors

7. Pretty in Pink

8. It’s shower time

9. Looks like hard work

10. Working those muscles

11. Closet time

12. Bedroom eyes

13. See you next year!