Being known as “YouTube’s Most Perfect Ass” (if not the world!), comes with responsibilities. Bryan Hawn is not one to shy away from his duties – so this week, he released a new music video parody, that puts his most praised asset front and center.

Bryan Hawn Nick Dent
Photo: YouTube

Bryan Hawn is a popular YouTube star, personal trainer and recording artist, but although he wears many hats, it’s his booty that his fans are most familiar with – and he’s definitely not shy about it.

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Bryan’s latest musical project is a cover version and a parody video of “Something Just Like This“, the hit song released earlier this year by DJ duo The Chainsmokers in collaboration with British rock band Coldplay.

Bryan’s version features himself along with actor Nick Dent. The two transform into several known superheroes throughout the video, with a very gay, and often naked take on men like Captain America, Spider-Man and Batman. And yes, Superman and Batman are having sex.

Watch it right here: