Branden Sholtzy is a handsome YouTuber who often appears shirtless on camera (hey, why not use your assets?). We’ve seen him before with the guide on How to look good naked – and now he’s back with his pal Brayden to do a yoga challenge. A shirtless yoga challenge.

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Branden Sholtzy doing shirtless yoga
Photo: YouTube

The challenge: Branden and Brayden have to do yoga poses, and the one who does them best wins. The loser has to suck beer out of a can. Yay for us.

You might think to use this as a yoga guide, but really, you’re going to be way too distracted to learn anything. And take special notice of “The Flying Eagle”…

Update: The video was unfortunately deleted. But you can still watch Branden’s “Touch my Body” challenge:

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