Some might say – if you look good, you’ll look good clothed AND naked. Gay YouTuber Dion says NO – There are things you need to DO if you want to look good naked.

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Dion and Branden - How to look good sexy?
Photo: YouTube

To prove his point, and teach you some tricks, Dion brought his pal Branden Sholtzy to assist him. Apparently, Branden looks great when naked – or at least when he’s shirtless, as this video will surely show.

A few of the points we’ve learned:

  • Use certain specific angles
  • Get rid of body hair. Or don’t.
  • Say “Peas and Carrots” while naked. Hey, it seems to work for Branden. Wonder why…
  • Look like Branden. Yeah, that’ll work every time!

Watch the entire video right here: