Ashley Parker Angel, former member of MTV boy-band “O-Town”, knows how to have fun – and knows how to help us have fun.

For example, by stripping down for an afternoon skinny dipping session, and posting the photo on Instagram.

Ashley Parker Angel hot tub
Photo: Instagram

Of course, this isn’t the first time the 35-year-old singer got naked in front of the camera, but for some reason he keeps deleting “those” photos from Instagram after a while – so hurry up and stare before it’s gone.

Yesterday, it was time for the alleged hot tub skinny dipping. We say alleged, because he dared us all to prove his nakedness, and no amount of photo closeups could do that – so we’ll just take him at his word…

And if you want more from Ashley – there’s always more!

Mr man Taron

Wait, we’re not done!

Just keep ’em coming Ashley…