Spider-Man: Homecoming was probably the best Spider-Man movie to date, thanks in large part to Tom Holland.

But it’s not JUST about his talent – it’s also about his good looks, and specifically – his abs. So a comic artist finally managed to draw what we were ALL thinking at the movie theaters…

Tom Holland Spiderman Shirtless
Photo: Marvel Studios

There was much discussion on these pages over Tom Holland’s impressive abs – even before his Spider-Man movie came out. And while he portrays a high-schooler in the film, he is 21-years-old in real life.

In the film itself, the person who got to enjoy Tom’s abs the most was Jacob Batalon, who portrays Peter Parker’s high school buddy, Ned Leeds. At the time, the actor even talked about getting to see Tom naked.

Now, a Reddit user posted this drawing – which recreates the scene of Peter and his buddy Ned in Peter’s room – after his secret Spider-Man identity – and his abs – were revealed.

This probably how it SHOULD have happened – at least in many movie-goers minds:

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