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If you’re a UK TV watcher, you probably know the name Andrew Brady by now – and if not, it’s about time – as the young hottie has been making headlines, constantly flirting with an Australian drag queen, and – this week – getting his ass waxed by her.

Andrew Brady Celebrity Big Brother
Photos: Instagram / Channel 5

Andrew Brady is a 26-year-old project engineer from northwest England, who we first saw on the UK version of The Apprentice this year, where he tried (and failed) to become Lord Sugar’s business partner.


Following that, Andrew and his impressive physique moved on to another reality TV show – the UK version of Celebrity Big Brother. This year, the show started with an all-female cast, but men were eventually added.

Despite Andrew being labelled as a “ladies man”, along with rumors of (straight) sex in the Apprentice villa, on Celebrity Big Brother Andrew’s been constantly flirting with Courtney Act – an Australian drag queen and former Drag Race star, who also goes by the name Shane Janek.


This week, as The Daily Mail reports, Andrew was heard saying “If she didn’t have a dick, I would go to town on her”, and the two spend a lot of time together – and have even kissed:

Andrew’s body is already pretty impressive – but to make it even better, Courtney took it upon herself to wax Andrew’s bum – right there in front of all the viewers. Here’s what it looked like up close: